Thinking about trying makeup for the very first time? Or maybe you’ve just received your first War Paint products and you have absolutely no idea how to use them. Welcome. We're glad to have you here.


We hope we can reassure you by saying that makeup is much easier to use than you might think. We aren’t messing around with hundreds of different brushes or colours here.

War Paint is all about using the basics, which will help you look good and feel more confident.

It’s worth bearing in mind that you don’t need to use all of these products in one go. Each one can be used individually or with any others that take your fancy. 

Each one of our products has a handy how-to video so you can learn exactly how to use it.


Any good makeup routine starts with the preparation beforehand. Always use a good moisturiser and SPF before applying any makeup, as this will help to care for your skin and ensure the final results look better.

The first product to apply is Primer: a clear gel that helps to smooth out the appearance of your skin, filling in pores and fine lines. It also helps any products applied afterwards to stay on for longer.


The next step of the routine is focused on evening out your skin tone using Foundation or Tinted Moisturiser. You don't need to wear both at the same time.

Foundation is a tinted cream that helps to add an even colour to the skin, we promise it looks natural.

Tinted Moisturiser is a hybrid of moisturiser and light foundation to hydrate your skin while evening out skin tone.

You can apply them in exactly the same way: using your fingers, a Face Sponge or Application Brush.



You can apply makeup using your fingers. Just spread the product all over your face and neck. Make sure your hands are clean beforehand, and be careful not to get makeup on your clothes afterwards.


Makeup sponges work best when they're a little bit damp. This will help your makeup go on even smoother. Dab the sponge on to your face pushing the product into your face to blend it evenly.


Apply 1-2 pumps of makeup onto the brush and blend all over your face, up to your hairline and down your neck. Take extra care in areas that crease, such as around the nose and under the eyes.


Next, conceal any blemishes, dark circles or scars you’d like to cover.

You can either use our Concealer, which is a creamy texture, or Concealer Pen, which has more of a lightweight liquid texture.

Dot a little bit of the product where you'd like it to go and gently dab it into the skin with your fingers or a Face Sponge. Add more if needed.


These products are like the additional bolt-ons that add a little extra something to the look. 

Start with the powder products. Bronzer helps to add warmth to your skin. Watch the video to learn how to apply it. Anti-Shine Powder is a transparent pressed powder to help minimise unwanted shine and oiliness. Apply them with our fluffy Metal Powder Brush.

And don't forget the beard and brows as the final step. You can fill in any patchiness in your facial hair with our Beard & Brow Filler pencil. And you can tame unruly hairs with Beard & Brow Gel.


Sleeping in makeup is a big no-no, and it’s better for your skin if you remove it with a makeup remover rather than any old soap and water which are likely to dry out your skin.

Take It Off Kit: A gentle cleanser that helps to remove all your makeup and excess oils, plus 8 Reusable Bamboo & Cotton Remover Pads to take it off with. 


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I'm new to makeup. What products should I start with?

We’d recommend for newbies to get going with the Starter Kit. It has everything you need for a makeup routine that’s less than 5 minutes, plus the products to remove it at the end of the day. 

How do I pick the right shade?

We’ve made it really simple with our handy shade finder. It’s a short quiz that will help you find the right colour for your skin tone. 

Is it weird for men to wear makeup?

Hell no. Men have been wearing makeup since ancient Egyptian times, where elaborate eyeliner patterns reflected masculinity, wealth and status. It was only when Queen Elizabeth I came into power that she stopped men from wearing makeup. 

Since the ’70s, men’s makeup has slowly been coming back to the fore in western countries. And now, we’re taking it to the next level. The archaic view of makeup being feminine has to change. It’s not about gender anymore, it’s about doing what you want to feel good about yourself. 

Founder of War Paint, Danny Gray, uses makeup to feel good about his appearance. “When I was 15 years old, and I started getting spots as most people do, I went to my sister and used her concealer, and it changed my life forever. I couldn't believe the power of products and what they can do.”

At War Paint, we say if something makes you feel more confident, then go for it. If you can walk down the street feeling like you look fresher than usual, you might feel just that little bit more confident. Sounds pretty good to us.

What can makeup do?

Cover spots, even out skin tone, cover dark circles, cover redness, smooth the appearance of your skin, make facial hair look fuller, smooth facial hair, and much more…

What can't makeup do?

Solve your problems.


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