Mistake #1: Applying too much, too fast.

When it comes to base makeup, the less you wear, the more natural it looks. Loading on concealer all at once rather than building it up gradually makes your skin appear cakey and overdone. Instead, dot on and blend each layer of makeup one at a time, allowing you to more accurately judge how much you'll need to conceal the blemish.


Mistake #2: Using a colour that's too light.

When you use a foundation or concealer that is too light, it's essentially highlighting your blemish. To make that blemish disappear, find a shade as close as possible to your skin tone, or blend two together for an accurate colour.


Mistake #3: Not blending enough.

After applying it to the blemish, always blend it into the rest of the surrounding skin for an effect that's as natural as possible.


Mistake #4: Skipping exfoliation.

It is great for your skin to get rid of the dead cells on its surface, but did you know that not exfoliating can make your makeup look worse? When you have flaky, dead skin cells, especially around a blemish, your makeup can't blend smoothly onto your skin. Instead of getting a natural finish, you end up with an uneven and flaky surface.


Mistake #5: Popping the pimple beforehand.

Don't pick at your skin, even if it's really tempting, as you could easily cause more blemishes, or even scar your skin.


Mistake #6: Skipping the primer.

You should be using a primer if you want your skin to have a smooth finish. The primer will help even out the texture of your skin, giving you a smooth surface to apply concealer to.


Mistake #7: Using dirty brushes.

If you're using brushes on your face and not cleaning them regularly, you could be spreading bacteria all over your blemishes, making it more likely that you'll get more. Wash your brushes at least once a week with warm water and a gentle shampoo between uses.


Mistake #8: Applying products in the wrong order.

Applying concealer before foundation can result in rubbing off some of your coverage, so remember this order: first comes primer, then foundation, then concealer, and lastly, a translucent powder to seal the makeup.

October 03, 2018 — Katie Mellor


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I don:t no what was the best Moisturiser or Concealer for me?

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