Beard & Brow Filler


A beard and brow pencil to achieve fuller-looking facial hair. The soft pencil easily creates hair-like strokes to fill any patches or lighter areas, and the attached comb makes for easy blending and shaping.

Available in 3 shades.

How to use

Using the metal side of the attached comb, brush through your beard and brows to reveal any patches or lighter areas.

Using the pencil, lightly draw hair-like strokes in any areas you'd like to appear fuller.

Using the soft side of the attached comb, blend the pencil lines into your beard and eyebrows.

TIP: Keep the pencil sharp so that you can draw fine lines.


Hydrogenated coco-glycerides, glyceryl palmitate/stearate, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, hydrogenated microcrystalline wax, sorbitan tristearate, methylparaben, propylparaben, glycine soja oil, tocopherol, beta-sitostero. may contain +/- ci 77499, ci 77492, ci 77491, ci 77891.

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Cruelty-free & vegan
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Beard & Brow Filler


War Paint is here to give you a choice of award-winning products you can use to feel confident every day. Find tips, videos and even an interactive Q&A about Beard & Brow Filler below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whatever you want to know about War Paint products, we've got you. Find the most commonly asked FAQs below or you can email us via, or DM us on social media and we'll get back to you.
How do I choose the best shade in the Beard and Brow Filler?

We have three shades to choose from - Black, Brown and Grey. If you have black or very dark brown facial hair we would suggest you choose Black. If you have light brown to dark blonde facial hair we would reccomend Brown. For grey hair choose Grey.

What are the different sides of the Beard and Brow comb for?

The metal side is for brushing and shaping your facial hair before filling it in. The soft bristle side can be used to blend the filler strokes into your natural hairs.

I have a long beard, will Beard & Brow Filler work for me?

Absolutely, the Beard & Brow Filler is designed to help fill in any gaps where you'd like more hair density.

I have a bald patch in my beard, will Beard & Brow Filler work for me?

Beard & Brow Filler looks most natural when it's used in areas that already have some hair but you'd like to even out the density. If you have a spot with little to no hair at all and the hair is kept short in that area, it may not look completely natural.

How do I keep my Beard & Brow Filler pencil sharp?

We'd recommend investing in a eyeliner sharpener as this won't damage the product when sharpening it. You can usually find these in pharmacies and drug stores in the same section you'd find other makeup tools and brushes.


War Paint makeup is light coverage and matte, so no one will know you're wearing makeup unless you tell them. You can simply enjoy that "you look great, mate" moment.


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