Beards are a great tool to extend our style. Just like a haircut, a beard can completely change how you look. Beard styles can be very personal depending on your chosen aesthetic, face shape, and facial hair type. A solid edge can help a round face to look sharper. wider beard styles can help a slim face to appear fuller, and a little stubble on a young face can make it look more distinguished. 

The great thing about pairing your beard with your style is that it’s not a huge commitment to change your beard. You can keep growing it out, try different things along the way, and when you’re done with it you can trim it right back to the beginning again.  

But not everyone finds it easy to grow facial hair. Many of us have patches and areas that simply won’t seem to grow. It’s completely natural. If you have trouble growing a full beard, this shouldn’t deter you from sporting one. There are plenty of things you can do to achieve the style you want.  

This guide will help you to find beard styles for patchy facial hair, with tips and tricks to help you get the look you’re after. Let’s get into it. 

What can you do – patchy beard styles 

One of the biggest issues men face when growing a beard is patchiness. Where different areas seem to grow at different rates – or not at all. Don’t let this put you off growing a beard if you want one. It’s very possible to get the style you want and there are options open to you. There are plenty of options for facial hair styles for patchy beards. 

To help look after your facial hair and the skin underneath, it’s a good idea to use specific beard washes which will help keep your skin happy and beard oils to help keep the hair moisturised. 

If you have something already – Beard styles for patchy beard

There are a several options of things that you can do with what you have. Depending on where the patches are some styles may be better suited to you than others. 

If you’re looking for a beard style for patchy cheeks: a circle beard, extended goatee, van dyke, balbo or moustache all would work well. They all draw attention to the thicker areas towards the front. 


If you tend to get patchy goatee facial hair: friendly mutton chops, a Dutch beard, or an anchor beard might work best, depending on where your patches are. Or simply own the patchy goatee!  


If you want a longer beard style, you could grow your beard hair long enough so that the hair can help to cover the shorter/non-existent patches. You can even use a Beard & Brow Gel to help style it into place. 

You can also fill in patchy areas using a Beard & Brow Filler pencil. This is essentially drawing some facial hair in the places you can’t grow. It will look very natural if you keep the strokes light.   

Giving a little more weight to the style – Patchy full beard style 

When you’re growing out your facial hair to head on the journey for a new style, embrace the inconsistencies. Getting through the first stages of growing a new style can feel difficult (and itchy!). Embrace what you have and avoid shaving or trimming until you have enough hair to see what you’re working with. You can then try different styles and trim your way to a style that feels good for you and your face shape. 

While you’re waiting to see the full effect, definitely experiment with styling your beard along the way with a gel or pomade. 

If you need some proof of full patchy beards that look good, check out Keanu Reeves. King of the patchy beard, he’s wearing his with pride and looks awesome while he’s at it. 

You can groom and style to cover – How to style a patchy beard

There are a few little tricks that can give a little volume and help to conceal patches by styling what you already have. Using a pomade or gel is a great way to do this so that it will stay in place all day.  

The War Paint Beard & Brow Gel even has a little comb attached for easy styling. Check out the tutorial to see just how quick easy it is. The gel also include proteins to help keep hairs soft and moisturised.

If nothing works – Beard styles for guys who can’t grow beards 

If your patchy facial hair isn’t playing ball, a moustache could be the way forward. Get creative with it!  

With all this said, remember that it’s unlikely anyone is looking at your facial hair and questioning your patches. You’re going to be the only one that really notices. And even if they do, they’ll appreciate your confidence and how you’re owning your look.  

If you are interested in learning more about basic grooming for men here's a simple guide we've written for you to follow - Simple men's grooming guide.


June 09, 2022 — Hannah Brill

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