So we all know our skin can get dry and red in winter, but what actually happens to our skin in the winter months?

During winter, (especially here in the UK) strong winds and low moisture levels in the air combined with sudden temperature changes means our skin is constantly fighting to adapt to these changing conditions. This adaptation causes moisture loss from your face leaving it feeling dry, irritated and itchy. Especially if you already suffer with dry skin on your face, you’ll be aware that it worsens in the winter months.



Another hurdle to overcome in the cold weather; Red cheeks. Why do our cheeks go red in the cold? Well, your cheeks going red actually has a scientific term: Vasoconstriction. This is when the blood vessels in your face dilate and burst from the reduced blood flow in the body. This isn’t something that can be prevented, but red cheeks can be covered.

How Can We Help Our Skin During the Colder Weather?

Dry skin on the face is caused by decreasing levels of natural moisturiser in the face, which is especially affected by colder weather. War Paint’s answer to this is their newly formulated Tinted Moisturiser.

What does Tinted Moisturiser Do?

War Paint’s Tinted Moisturiser combines several elements of skincare in one product such as, moisturiser, skin treatment and concealer. The Skin Treatment is perfect for protecting your face from cold winds and temperatures. The Moisturiser is to replenish the natural moisture you’re losing in your face throughout the day-time, preventing dry skin. And the Concealer aspect is ideal coverage for concealing red cheeks and imperfections on the face.

October 19, 2018 — Katie Mellor

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