Should you get the groom gifts?

The short answer is yes, of course you should! For many couples, their wedding day is the most important event in their relationship. Getting an invitation to this momentous milestone is a tremendous sign of respect to you and can be considered a reflection of how they view you in their lives. Many choose to get the bride and groom gifts as a couple. Buying household furniture, appliances or giving them money to help them start their new lives together. 

Weddings are often seen as a day all about the bride, and the groom can often get overlooked. You can show your appreciation to the groom by buying an individual present for them. There is nothing wrong with getting the bride a gift as well or getting them a present together, however buying the man of the day something that is unique or personal can really emphasise how important they are to you and how much you think of them. 

Here are six gift ideas that you can give to the groom that are guaranteed to impress them.

1 - wedding gifts for bridegroom that are manly AF!

As the majority of married men will tell you, your life after the big day is generally not too inhibited by your new marital status. It is important to continue to enjoy your hobbies as a healthy relationship is also determined by individual happiness. 

According to it is essential to find time to pursue your individual interests in the marriage. So why not buy the bridegroom something that will remind them that this exciting event is not going to be the end of their fun.

Popular media sometimes frames marriage as a shackle of sorts. “Can't have more than one drink lads, gotta get back to the missus”. New found responsibilities may have an impact on your some of your day- to- day activities or social life compared to when you were a bachelor. However, there will always be room to enjoy the things that you used to. Getting them a gift that is traditionally masculine can be a great reminder that this is not the end. You want to tell them that thenm being married is not going to change your relationship, so why not get them a coupon for an activity that you can do together or that they can participate in with their friends? 

Here are two suggestions:

The first is to get them a craft beer brewery tour. Because really what's a better activity to remind them that they can still have a laugh with their mates then a boozy day out to try a range of high quality delicious alcoholic beverages.

Or, why don't you gift them with something more novel? Go shoot some guns with them! There is something very primal about being able to fire a weapon, and in the UK it's considered quite a novel activity since very few people aside the odd farmer are packing. Shooting UK has some good advice on where to go to do some clay pigeon shooting (safely).

2 - The best gift for groom on wedding day

Weddings are not only considered an important and happy day in a relationship. They can also be cluster headaches incarnate. While traditionally the groom has less to do with organising the wedding than as the bride or other family members, their involvement cannot be underestimated. 

One cause for concern between both the bride and groom that is unanimous is having to look their very best. Imagine ceaselessly working on your body for months on end to prepare for your special day. Endless gym visits and a rigorous diet just so that you can get a handful of pictures where you look your very best. Indeed why not? You are celebrating and being celebrated so making sure that you are in top shape is vital to a successful wedding. 

That being said, unexpected disaster is always a formidable opponent. So today I urge you to gift the groom with a contingency plan. One of the most common nemesis to the bride and groom's photo opportunity is skin problems. Breaking out with a pimple on the chin can become the centre of attention for those close ups. So, on the wedding day a subtly wrapped concealer pen pushed into the pocket could be very appreciated. Don't forget to include a cautionary handwritten note, “It's always better to have and not need it than to need it and not have it”.

3 – Getting multiple wedding gifts for the groom

Sometimes when it comes to gifts, giving more can mean more. Assigning meaning to a whole bunch of items can make them feel like the king they are with the treasure trove you bestow upon them. You also don’t need to break the bank to give them what they deserve. Make up a personal hamper of sentimental items that will help them to remember good times each time they see or use them. You can create something sentimental, fun or useful. Let me give you a few ideas of multiple wedding gifts for the groom.

  •         A handy kit for the house. Get the future husband a collection of the most important day-to-day tools he will need to maintain a household. You don’t need to get him industrial machinery or anything, just a hammer, screwdriver and pliers. Which can all go into a portable tool bag that is small enough to fit in their drawer or go into their car boot. Here is a blog article of toolbox essentials to get you started.
  •         Get them an ultimate grooming set. Keeping up appearances and personal hygiene is important, even after getting married. Don’t just get them some soap though! Get them some quality deodorant, a straight razor and some nice smelling cologne so they can go to bed smelling like a bed of roses instead of standard BO. Taking care of yourself is very important, and their partner can appreciate and enjoy it too. You can also get them a men’s makeup kit so that they can look good for their wedding.

4 – Make it meaningful - personalised gifts for groom

Nothing says “you are special to me” quite like something with their name on it. It’s something that they will cherish forever along with the memory of you, the gift giver. Make it something that has a practical purpose so they have a need for it. There is a whole range of gifts that you can personalise, so let’s start small.

A pen – Can’t get much more useful than that. Who doesne’t need a good quality pen that they can use on a daily basis. The best part is that you need not break the bank. At amazon you can get a quality wooden pen for less than £10.

A dressing gown – dressing gowns have slipped from fashion, however they are still a very important part of a wardrobe. A nice thick cotton gown can act as a towel. Otherwise a robe can be used as part of their costume if they want to cosplay as Arthur Dent from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

A shirt – What’s sexier than a man wearing a formal striped shirt with the sleeves rolled up? A man wearing a personalised formal striped shirt with the sleeves rolled up. There are plenty of companies that will initialise a shirt or put a nickname on it to make it more personal.

5 –Something unique - wedding gift for groom

Most gifts the groom will receive will be generic and unremarkable… But you won’t make that mistake now will you. When getting something truly uniqure, you need to think outside the box. The first step to this is to get some inspiration. Remember the times you spent together and the experiences you sheared. 

Perhaps there’s one time the groom told you something in a moment of vulnerability and getting them something to celebrate that moment will give your relationship that, “I can’t believe you remembered”, moment. 

Where to get something unexpected and unique? Try ebay. There is a wealth of items that you cannot get anywhere else. Or go and have a look at an antique shop. The possibilities are endless.

6 -  An extraordinary groom wedding day present

Sometimes budget wedding gifts just don’t cut it, especially if you are close to them expectations may be a little higher than other guests.

 If you’re looking to splash out on the groom the first thing to do is set yourself a budget. The more you allocate the more options you have. Next, you have to imagine what they would do with what you get them. Buying them some expensive cologne might not be the best idea if they don’t usually wear it. Ask others what they would really like. Perhaps an expensive gaming mouse if they have to rely on an old office one. Otherwise you can get them something they can enjoy with you or on a special occastion. For example you can get them a cigar and a bottle of scotch whisky. Then tell them in a note that it’s to save for a celebration. When that amber drink hits their pallete, and puff on that quality Cuban I guarantee they will think of you.

Whatever you choose to get the groom on their special day they will appreciate it at the very least. What they will appreciate more than the actual gift is the effort you made to read this article and go out of your way to get something you put thought into.


July 11, 2022 — Jacob Macfarlane

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